Attracting Talent to the Social Care Sector


This article discusses talent attraction,  however, we want to drill down and focus on the buzzword "employer branding" for us employer branding is extremely important, we think it is the foundation and the basis of any talent attraction

campaign but we don't really want to go into the nitty gritty, what we want to do is take a step back and put ourselves into the shoes of a job seeker.

Let's assume that we are unemployed and are looking for a registered managers role in the North of London,  Initially, we will log onto the internet and pull up three or four generalist job boards and two or three nice job boards.

A niche job board is a job site that specialises in a particular area so in this scenario we would visit

Once we have established three or four interesting social care job vacancies, being a serious candidate, we will then begin researching each organization, basically, we want to research the organisation behind these social care jobs.

So what are we looking for in our next social care employer?

Initially, we want to check out their branding, so their company logo is quite important here. A high-quality logo coupled with modern branding quickly gives off the impression that the organisation invests in itself and it may, therefore, invest in its staff.

Naturally, we'd also visit the social care employer's website, is it easy to navigate, modern and well presented? Importantly is the site mobile friendly, can we access it from a mobile device? If we cannot access their website from a mobile device then it might just be of no use to us.

A serious job seeker will also browse the employer's social media profiles, paying attention to what their engagement is like,  how many followers they have, do their posts get many likes and shares and is the information they put out of high-quality.

It is highly likely that a serious job seeker would not want to work with a company who shares irrelevant articles or posts that are littered with spelling and grammar mistakes.

As a job seeker we would also be looking at the organisation's activity within the local community, do they take part in fundraising for charities or offer other forms of value to local residents?

Youtube is the second biggest search engine after Google, we might search for the employer on Youtube and hope to see some videos where we might obtain an insight into how the company operates.

Social care employers need to take employer branding seriously if you need support offer a branding service that starts from just £239.00 per month.

Contact us via this link and quote employer branding services.

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