3 Things You Should Consider when Advertising Job Vacancies


In this article, we discuss some of the key points you need to consider when trying to attract new talent to your health and social care organisation. For the sake of this article, we expect that you will be utilising a job board or job aggregator to help showcase your job vacancies.

And so without further ado: 

1) Choosing a job board or an aggregator:

Initially, we want to establish what the main difference is between these two platforms.

A job board is a website dedicated to hosting and displaying job adverts posted directly by you (employers and employment agencies)

A Job aggregator is a platform that "crawls" job boards and collates job post information on their platform, they then display this to job seekers who click through and end up back on the job board. Indeed is a prime example of this, though they have begun to behave more like a job board.

We always recommend you seriously consider posting your vacancies to niche job boards. Niche job boards are basically specialist job boards dedicated to a particular sector.

So if you are looking to hire someone in the IT sector you will likely obtain a higher calibre of an applicant if you advertise with

Likewise, if you are recruiting within the social care sector you want to be looking at posting with job boards like

Why, because these niche job boards have a very targeted and relevant audience and a very small number of window shoppers, what we mean by this is that you will not find coffee shop Baristas looking for work on unless of course, they want a career change.

2) Value Proposition

A good job board will circulate your vacancy to a number of job aggregators ensuring good coverage and increasing the chances of your job vacancy being seen. Ask before you spend your money.

3) Keep your job post relevant

A job seeker is likely scrolling through a number of job boards and job adverts, the right keywords will make them stop and take notice,  so make sure you include buzzwords towards the top of the advert:

So for social care, buzzwords might be - Mileage paid - full-time contracts - flexible working hours - extensive support  - above average pay rates - Career development etc.

Oh and location and salary should be in a prominent spot, we all want to know where a job is located and how much we will get paid.

Finally, you want to talk about your organisation, employer branding is so very important. People care about where they work and you need to communicate this, if you fail to do so job seekers will skip your advert. We recently published a great article on employer branding.

If you are recruiting with the health and social care sector we'd be more than happy to support you here at Register and an expert will give you a call to discuss how we can help you attract quality talent to your organisation.

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