What is KLOE and What does KLOE Stand For?


The Care Quality Commission has been discussing ways in which to improve its regulatory processes for some time now. On the 1st of November 2017, the CQC will fully implement Changes to the Regulation of Adult Social Care.

The changes include a new single assessment framework for adult social care also know as KLOE.

What is KLOE & What Does it Stand For?

The Care Quality Commission has made changes to its assessment framework, all inspections will now be carried out using KLOE'S.

KLOE stands for Key Lines of Enquiry. The Key lines of Enquiry consist of a number of prompts:

Is it Safe?

Safeguarding and protection from abuse

Managing risks

Suitable staff and staff cover

Medicines management

Infection control

Learning when things go wrong

It it Effective?

Assessing needs and delivering evidence-based treatment

Staff skills and knowledge

Nutrition and hydration

How staff, teams and services work together

Supporting people to live healthier lives

Accessible premises

Consent to care and treatment

Is it Caring?

Kindness, respect and compassion

Involving people in decisions about their care

Privacy and dignity

Is it Responsive?

Person-centred care

Concerns and complaints

End of life care

Is it Well-led?

Vision and strategy

Governance and management

Engagement and involvement

Learning, improvement and innovation

Working in partnership

Each KLOE has a number of Prompts which help inspectors answer the five key questions: is the service safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led?

Follow the link to learn more about KLOE and the relevant prompts. 

Click the image below to get a free KLOE Infographic: 

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