BASW Launches Austerity Campaign Pack


The British Association of Social Workers has launched a campaign action pack titled “Leave No Stone Unturned in The Fight Against Austerity.”

The action pack has been produced as a follow up to the BASW’s Boot Out Austerity walk which took place in April 2017, the walk was conducted by BASW members and supporters who trekked from Birmingham to Liverpool to highlight how cuts were affecting people, particularly the most vulnerable.

BASW chair Guy Shennan said the walk attracted huge support, showing the strength of public feeling against the economic policy.

Shennan said the campaign pack was a practical guide to “turn Boot Out Austerity from a small band of walkers into a large-scale movement”.

The Austerity action pack is available in pdf format and spans over 100 pages many of which provide detailed step by step guides on how one might help tackle austerity, from setting up Facebook Groups and creating Infographics to organising petitions and setting up street stalls.

The Austerity campaign action pack can be downloaded here.


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