Transforming Children & Young People’s Mental Health Consultation Launched


On the 4th of December 2017 the Government launched a new green paper and public consultation period titled “Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision: a Green Paper.”

With the prevalence of mental health issues amongst children and young people continuing to grow, mental health problems now affect a significant number of children and young people with the most recent data suggesting that one in ten children and young people has some form of clinically diagnosable mental health disorder. This level of prevalence equates to around 850,000 children and young people with a diagnosable mental health disorder in the UK today.

An Office for National Statistics (ONS) survey (2004, the most recent available) found that 3.3% of children had anxiety, 0.9% had depression, 5.8% had conduct disorder, 1.5% had hyperkinetic disorder, and 1.3% had a less common disorder (made up of 0.9% with autism spectrum disorder, 0.3% with an eating disorder, and 0.1% with mutism). Some children had multiple disorders.

The green paper sets out ways in which mental health problems can be tackled and the public consultation enables you to express your views.

The government wants to hear your views on its proposals. These include:

  • introducing 'designated mental health leads' in schools and colleges
  • setting up mental health support teams working with schools to give young people earlier access to services
  • piloting a 4-week waiting time for NHS Children and Young People's Mental Health Services

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