Skills for Care Issues New Digital Training Guidance (COVID-19)


We understand that the coronavirus outbreak has created an increase in workloads for the health and social care sector and this has also meant an increase in risks posed to both staff and service users. 

Training staff members effectively through this period is difficult for various reasons, of course, the elephant in the room is “social distancing” this means that group or face to face training is not possible and that alternate methods must be employed.

We are delighted to announce that Skills for Care have acknowledged the COVID-19 outbreak has created an extremely challenging time for the social care workforce.

To ensure your workforce maintains its skill and competence they've identified essential digital training that should be prioritised during this period.

✅Care Certificate
✅Assisting and moving people
✅Basic life support and first aid
✅Fire safety
✅Food safety
✅Health and safety awareness
✅Infection prevention and control
✅Medication management
✅Safeguarding adults 

The courses listed above can be accessed easily through online e-learning providers and through those offering accredited distance learning courses. 

This new guidance is a reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak and does not mean other training opportunities should be ignored. 

Your workforce is still required to provide person-centred care and support and be able to meet the diverse needs of the individuals they support. If you are delivering regulated activities you should ensure you maintain the correct level of staff supervision and training in order to meet the necessary standards set by the regulator.

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