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How to Start a Career in Social Care

Working in the social care sector offers many exciting and rewarding job roles and there are many ways in which you can start your career in social care. We answer a number of frequently asked questions on how you can start a career and get a social care job.

Do I need any Qualifications?

Many people wonder whether qualifications are required to start a career in social care. In short, the answer is no. The social care sector offers a varied number of job roles and many care providers now provide extensive on the job training. There are a number of employers on our jobs page who are offering social care careers and all the training you need with competitive pay rates.

Do I need Prior Experience?

Like most jobs, experience is always preferred, however, and similar to the question on qualification, many large care providers are now offering social care jobs to those with no formal qualification or experience.

Is it possible to work Part-time?

Social Care jobs vary, for example, positions as a care assistant or support worker mean you can be quite flexible in the hours you work, with some employers offering day, night or zero hour contracts as part of a flexible career package.

Why choose Social Care as a Career?

Many people choose to work in social care because of past experiences. For example, some choose to become a youth worker because they were once looked after children. Others choose to work with the elderly after looking after their late parents or witnessing the effects of dementia on other family members. The majority of people choose jobs in health and social care because they know that the work they do will make a difference to someone's life.

Where can I find Social Care Jobs?

If you want to work within the health and social care sector, our job board is the best place to get started. We feature many exclusive social care jobs from some of the biggest social care employers in the country. Register and start applying for jobs today on


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