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How do I become a youth worker? Must I take a particular youth work course? These are the questions our career advice practitioners are asked on a regular basis. Afterall youth worker jobs are a great way to give back to society and gain valuable experience of working in challenging environments.

What is a youth worker?

A youth worker’s duties consist of supporting young people aged between 16 - 25 in a number of areas and with a varied array of tasks. For example, you may apply for a youth worker job because you want to support young people with finding accommodation, claiming relevant benefits or deterring them from gang involvement.

You can expect to work with young people in both a residential setting, usually within supported lodgings or on an outreach basis, this means working with them directly out in the community.

As a youth worker your main aim is to help young people live independently, this can be done by building a positive rapport with the young people you work with, helping boost their confidence and promoting opportunities and positive change. In essence YOU are a young person’s coach, mentor and role model.

Ideal Youth Worker Characteristics

Strong communication skills are vital in this type of role. Naturally you’ll be a confident, outgoing person, you will have impeccable social skills and a non-judgmental, positive outlook on life.

There will no doubt be times in which you are challenged and or feel that you are in a challenging situation and therefore you will need to be both confident, resilient and willing to accept criticism.

What course should I take?

In this role, although experience is key, you will need to take a course in order to familiarise yourself with the fundamentals of providing holistic, safe and personalised support. Most employers will require that you take a minimum NVQ/QCF Level 2 with a view of moving on quickly to a level 3 diploma.

We recommend you enrol on a qcf level 2 course in Health and Social care or a Level 2 certificate in Children & Young People's Workforce. Learn more.

Finding youth worker jobs

You may want to offer yourself as a volunteer to initially get started, however you can find a wide range of youth worker job roles in a number of locations throughout the United Kingdom by visiting


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